A week’s a long time in Politics

And even longer for me to be quiet in blogland. As you may have guessed from the silence, it has not been going terribly well.

Last week should have had 4 runs in it, I managed 1.

Tuesday I bailed, just feeling tired and run down. Wednesday I did get out and run. For the first 2 miles it was completely awful – just like I’d completely forgotten how to run. If it could ache, it did ache. Seemed to work its way up, starting with sore ankles, working through calves, knees and then thighs. After the 2 miles of sheer hell, it did get better, but hardly goes down in running as a great day out.

So why the blank for the rest of the week? Well I seem to have  damaged something. Somewhere in the very outside of my left leg, below the knee and heading in a line down towards the ankle there is something very not right. Thursday it hurt to walk, since then it’s been tender to the touch and most noticeable when I go up on tiptoes.

All in all, I’m not a happy bunny.

It feels remarkably similar to a previous injury I sustained. It’s going back a bit, but the line of pain from knee towards ankle reminds me very strongly of the pain I felt after I’d managed to fall off a pair of high heels into a drain returning from Ann’s 21st birthday party. It was next morning, I was sober at the time. Honest and I can produce witnesses to prove it. Didn’t go to the docs for a few days, but it turned out I’d sprained an ankle and torn the ligaments in the outside of my knee. Now, I don’t think I’ve done that, but it does make me slightly nervous that I’ve pulled something and that I shouldn’t have soldiered on the way I did. But, hey ho, nothing I can do about it now. I’ve rested up and it is all feeling a load better, so just need to get my lazy self into gear and get out for a run.

I did consider a run at the weekend, but I’m afraid that the better than expected weather and a trip to the garden centre intervened. I am now the proud owner of a plum tree and a number of other climbers that are now planted. The lawn got a good scarifying and then a mow – it looks really good with its slightly wonky stripes. Needs a good dose of moss killer, but I’ll wait for some rain before doing that.  I planted lettuce in the greenhouse, carrots & parsnips in the vege patch. So terribly productive, but not really anything to tick off on the running plan.

One other point of interest – I’ve passed £900 in sponsorship for the British Lung Foundation. Thanks to all those that have sponsored me, I appreciate the thought. If anyone wants to help push that towards the magic £1000 mark, the link’s here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/HelenAllton I promise to get out and run – but maybe tomorrow.

Random musings on not running

Isn’t it strange, when I’m running I rarely see many runners. As soon as I (reluctantly) take some time off, they’re everywhere! Taunting me, because they’re out & running while I’m not. I’ve still got this cold. I don’t feel ill, but I don’t feel 100% well either. The main symptom is just I’m really tired. But hopefully I’m doing something about that. A week off, multi-vitamins, iron pills and loads of sleep have been acquired in the last few days. Even so, I’m not going to run until at least Thursday, to try and rest and get over this once and for all.

In the meantime, I’ve been collecting sponsorship for my charity efforts. Link is here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/HelenAllton  I’m raising money for the British Lung Foundation, because they do research into diseases of the lung, including the obscure one that my Dad died of. So far I’m approaching £500 in sponsorship, which is great, especially when I’ve not been trying that hard. It’s gratifying that the comments are encouraging, with the odd, “you’re mad” thrown in! I tend to think that if you’re going to collect sponsorship, then the event ought to be outside your comfort zone – you need to be putting some effort in to expect to raise money. And I would like to think that me running any distance, especially 26 miles, 385 yards is perceived as outside my comfort zone – because it is!

And, as a final random thought for today, I write this as my running washing blows about in the breeze on the washing line just outside the office window. Why is female running stuff quite so pink?! I don’t mind pink, but it’s hardly the predominant colour in my wardrobe. But my washing is currently showing as 1 pair each black & blue running leggings, 1 white top, 1 purple and 2 pink. And it’s clashing really quite badly. Come on, manufacturers, lady runners are not all 7 years old and obsessed with Barbie – it doesn’t all have to be in candy colours!

Hello World!

This is a little voyage into the unknown for me, so welcome along for the ride.

Those of you who’ve been fooled by my youthful demeanour may be surprised by the fact that I’m fast approaching a rather significant milestone birthday. Since Richard hit the same milestone a few years ago, he’s been on at me about celebrating this. I am yet to be convinced that any birthday requires celebration, let alone a large one ending in naught. But he did plant a thought – maybe I ought to do something special. And so I am doing something special, and this will record my progress (I hope).

I’m going to run a marathon. Yes, really, the whole 26 miles, 385 yards. It wont be fast and it wont be pretty. But it’ll be one hell of a ride!

And seeing as this is something I only intend to do the once, I’ll be using the opportunity to raise a bit of dosh for a worthy cause. Please see the link below for further details.