Back on my feet again

I didn’t want to tempt fate and declare that all was well in the world until I’d run a few times. Seeing I’ve now been out twice since my enforced break, I think it’s not too early to say it all seemed to go well.

Thursday marked a whole week with no running, and I was climbing the walls just wanting to get out there. Which is a good indication that I was ready to run, but nothing worse than pushing too hard, too soon and falling back again. So Thursday was a run with Janet from work. It was surprisingly light when we set out – amazing how much more positive some lingering daylight makes the start of the run feel. Usual loop of 3.5 miles together, then I went for an extra 1.5 to bring it to the 5 on the plan. Janet was saying that the runs had been getting harder, but I suspect that’s as she’s getting faster. If that’s the right thing to do, I don’t know – I’m certainly no expert at this running lark. The work group are due to be getting a coach at the start of next month for the 2 months leading up to the town’s annual 10k. I may suggest that we turn this run into a Tempo, as I ought to be doing one and it hasn’t always happened.

Then on to today. The plan (after some judicious rejigging) was for 15 miles today. After a fairly disjointed few weeks, I decided I’d be happy with 10, but would see how it went. Hubby dropped me off after ringing at the local nature reserve, and I did a lap or two of there (including a handy pitstop at the visitor centre) before heading up the railway path towards home. It was a nice day to be out – the sun was shining and it was much warmer than it has been recently. really felt as if Spring is just around the corner, with the ducks on the pond dashing about madly and the pussy willow starting to show on the trees.

As I got to the mill crossing, the watch was at 9 miles, with the shortest route home being only 1 mile – so I decided to go a bit further. And so it ended up at over 14 miles, which I felt was a pretty good return. The pace was a bit up and down. Not sure if it was the recent enforced rest, but I kept having to slow down to a suitable pace. Of 14 miles, only 3 were over 12 minutes, when I usually aim at 12 to 12:30 for a LSR. And one of those was my nemesis hill, which I approached at 12 miles and did resort to walking up part way.

Facts & Figures (Thurs/Sun)
Distance –  5/14.25 miles
Time – 55:57/ 2:49:12
Average pace – 11:11/ 11:52

So a good way to get back on track. As I was heading across the road towards the end of today’s run, I got hooted by a car, followed by a thumbs up. I waved – no idea who it was, but any positive encouragement is welcomed in my book. M-day is 8 weeks today, so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly from here.