Every triangle has three sides

And this post has three runs. This week started on a high after the performance at Silverstone. Still buzzing about it, and there will be a follow-up post with pictures and additional superfluous detail. Proudly displayed my medal to anyone who showed even a flicker of interest, and even those who didn’t.

But back to this week and the running. Monday I actually went out for a short pootle. I could feel the after effects of Sunday’s exertions, lightly in both thighs, but quite noticeably somewhere deep in the bottom of my bum. Several times found myself absent-mindedly massaging that area while stood talking to someone. oops. Work pattens this week meant I didn’t think I’d manage to get out Tuesday, so Monday it was. Just the standard 3.5 mile loop with Janet. The legs got going OK, with not too many complaints – the bum being the most vocal part. As we got back towards work, she did ask if I was going to continue, but the calves had said that enough was enough. Before an early night I did spend quite some time stretching out all the aches, and felt better for it.

Wednesday I was later home than anticipated – I’d had a call from my local running shop (LRS) that my new bra was in. It’s a Shock Absorber Run bra – could they have though of a less attractive name?! They are the most difficult items of clothing to get into – it’s quite some contortion required. But, once in, they hold on to all the bits that might bounce. They’re certainly effective – and I imagine if my car’s shock absorbers ever fail I could simply replace it with one of these! That makes just about the complete kit set for the marathon, and I’ll be wearing it for long runs, just to make sure it’s all comfortable. Being later home meant I only had about an hour’s light, so I switched the week about and did the 5 mile tempo on Wednesday. That went well. Headed out at a good pace, but at the change of pace went too fast – turned round having run over a mile a 9:30 pace! Wow!! That’s pretty fast for me, and proved to be unsustainable. Slowed on the return leg, but still managed sub 10 pace for the 3 miles.

That meant Thursday was midweek long run. 11 miles on the plan, my longest midweek run. Set off and kept below 12:00 for almost the entire run, including the slightly boggy bits round the lake. Ended up having to double back for the very last section in order to find the extra 0.5 mile, otherwise I’d have got to the end of the road, and my usual finish point, too early. Pleased with that, as it felt quite relaxed the whole way. It was getting dark as I got back, by which time I was quite pleased I’d headed out with a long sleeve top, once the sun went down, the temperature dropped and the wind got up.

Facts & Figures: (Mon/Wed/Thurs)
Distance – 3.57/5.4/11.1 miles
Time – 40:58/56:57/ 2:09:36
Average pace – 11:29/10:33/ 11:40

If all goes to plan, there’s just the small matter of a 20 mile race between me and my first 40 mile week. Plan will be to go out for the first 5 easy and then pick up to MP for the remainder. It’s all about practising the race day routine, pacing with that many people around, fueling and taking on water in a race scenario – even if it’s not really an out-and-out race. Guaranteed PB , which will be another one to add to the collection!

So, to finish the week, I’ve had a lovely relaxing Saturday morning, food shopping, hair cut and a cup of coffee with a slice of cake. My hair looks great, sharp at the ends, well finished and lovely. And with a 20 mile race tomorrow guess how long that’s going to last?!

This week I have mostly been…

Wandering on Wednesday, Jogging with Janet and yelping at Yoga positions

Wednesday is mid-week run. What with a half on Sunday, I went out, but not terribly far. Just down the railway path, round the park & back again. Nice & easy, although it’s getting rather dark out. There are several stretches where I’m very pleased to have the head torch on. Although I did nearly measure my length of an unexpected rise in the tarmac. The light from the torch has quite a flattening effect – rises & dips don’t always seem as prominent as they are in practice, and I just caught one foot. Did that whole comedy fall, recover, stagger and carry on thing! Was very pleased that it was pretty dark out.

I’d mentioned going out for a run to Janet, someone at work. The company sponsor the local race, and last January there was a scheme to get people out & running, such that a trainer met them at work and organised runs. That finished after the race, but some of the group have now decided to try and keep it going over the winter. When I mentioned that I’d be running from work, she expressed an interest in joining me, giving her a second run a week. So Thursday, she & I met up in reception and headed out. Just a nice slow jog, with a few walks to cross roads. I’ll need to extend the distance as I head into marathon training, but the pace was perfectly good for what I’ll treat as an easy run. Also, while it’s dark, going with someone makes sense, and it’s a nice break from running alone.

Facts & Figures (Weds/Thurs)
Distance – 4.8 / 3.1 miles
Time – 57:22 / 38:03 minutes
Average pace – 11:57 / 12:12 mins/mile

After a stretch, I headed out to try a yoga class. I’ve regularly attended a yoga class on 2 previous occasions. Each time I’ve found that, over time, it increases my flexibility (bearing in mind I’m about as flexible as a brick) and works the core muscles all at once. I tried this one out because it fitted reasonably well with running – which has to come first for the time being. A 2-hour class, but we did spend the last 20 minutes doing breathing exercises. A mixed class, of which I would suggest I lowered the average age. Some very impressive ladies in their 70s if not 80s who were far more flexible than I am! A practical instructor too, suggesting mats, cushions, straps & blankets to make the poses more comfortable and achievable for even the most inflexible amongst us. I could feel it in the shoulders & back today, and I think I’ll give it another go. I know it will do me good – just need to remind my body how to get back into some of those poses!

As an aside, I note that the next view of my blog will be the 500th. I know a fair few of them have been Mum, but I can’t believe she accounts for all of them. Welcome readers, I hope you find something to amuse or entertain you in passing through.

I’ve got it bad!

The running bug, that is.

Talking to the husband today and he’s off for a weekend’s fun and jollity (and a sunday morning headache, if the evening goes true to form) next month. So what do I start doing? Plot a nice girly weekend in? No. I start looking for a race. Oh dear, that’s serious. Sits 3 weeks before a half, so I’m thinking 10 k…

This weekend’s running can be described with a big, fat 0. None, not a footstep. But, given the unseasonably HOT weather, I don’t feel too bad for that. The calendar says it’s October and should be autumn – looks more like August out there. I did a reasonable amount of walking on Saturday, on a day out in Bath – which has hills, in case you han’t noticed (I won’t be putting the Bath half on the “to-do” list!). I had thought about heading out this morning, but got distracted by the Ireland v Italy rugby match, and the first of 6 loads of laundry I’ve got dried on the line today. And then it was Touring cars, then lunch and now it’s nearly time to do the roast potatoes, and I’ve still not run. There’s always tomorrow.

And I’d like to formally welcome my family to reading my blog. The fact that some people might read this was one of the things that had exercised my mind before I started writing this. I am writing this as a means to vent my running enthusiasm without boring all my non-running friends. I also want to be able to look back on this as my voyage to my marathon. You, dear reader, have stumbled in (possibly by mistake) and want to be diverted or entertained; or to find someone suffering the same trials as yourself, or to laugh at my novice mistakes. Whoever you are, I cannot know you. Obviously some of my readers will be people I know; those I’ve directed to the site might be kind enough to read a page or two. But it can seriously cramp your style, knowing that your aged rellies are reading in on your exploits. >;-) Where’s that edit pen?