Last but one done

Penultimate run has been ticked off. 5 easy paced miles round town done. nothing particularly eventful to report. The weather’s been nice all day, just a few clouds have bubbled up during the day, so I’ve quite enjoyed being off. Certainly enabled me to get some washing dry on the line, which is always a bonus.

Facts & Figures:
Distance – 5.4 miles
Time – 1:03:27
Average pace – 11:44 minute miles

As I said, nothing really to write home about. Nice to get out and run in the evening, but still in daylight. I am looking forward to running over the summer again, the dark runs are real soul sappers. Much easier and nicer to run in the light. Although hotter – and I don’t deal with heat too well. Having said that, how often is it we get a good hot summer? See, I’ll be fine.  

I’m currently trying to gather everything I need to take with me for this marathon and the few days either side. So I have pre-race stuff; race stuff (including number, safety pins, socks, capris, sweat band, 3 different tops, 2 hats, Garmin and shoes) and post race stuff which is basically warm layers to put on over the top and compression calf things. As well as normal clothes – seeing we’re going out for a not-a-birthday meal at the local Italian on friday night, I need something relatively respectable. And, just to add to the pile, there’s another set of running gear, in case I do decide to got for the last run on the schedule, which should be 4 miles on Thursday. Might bring that forward, Thursday is due to be birthday outing day. It’s worth noting that I’m not at all worried about being 40. The husband had a major wobble over his and this marathon lark is slightly his fault – he was on about a party and I’m not really a party person. But I did feel the conclusion of my 40th year on the planet shouldn’t pass unmarked, hence a marathon. It made sense at the time…

I’ve been obsessively making lists of things, putting things into piles, moving the piles about and then starting again. Oh well, it’ll all be in the bag soon and thence into the car before heading to Mum’s to stay.

D-Day minus 1

All the books & advice on running suggest that the day before a race should be a relaxing experience. You need to sort out the things you need for the race, but generally just chill a bit and not over stress either mind or body. Be sensible about what you eat and have an early night, so that you’re raring to go tomorrow.

So far today I have:

  • got up stupidly early to watch an excellent rugby match between Wales & Ireland. And while my soft spot is for Ireland, Wales did play out of their very attractive tight tops and were clearly the better side.
  • got rather stressed watching England loose at rugby to France. Expletives were shouted, it was that bad. The French obviously had their one exceptional game and will now slump back into the completely dismal form they’ve displayed so far this tournament. (Yes, I’ll be supporting the Welsh in a week’s time)
  • got a little hot under the collar watching the F1 qualifying from Suzuka, which got a little eventful at one or two moments
  • dug out my winter coat & been shopping
  • managed to find my race number, which was more complicated than it sounds, seeing it arrived über efficiently 8 weeks ago and I had carefully put it “in a safe place”… 
  • not yet sorted what I’m going to wear, as the forecast seems to change each time I look at it. See here, that looks cold, wet & windy. Although it’s looking up, with now only 1 raindrop for 10 am, not two.

So, thus far, the day before a race has not been that restful experience it should be. Will it improve? Later today, I have a quiz night with fish & chip supper to look forward to, with indeterminate finishing time. Not only do I get overly competitive at quizzes; this one has been known to go on a bit late, depending on the tendency of the quizmaster to waffle (not a tendency that lowers my blood pressure any). That doesn’t promise to be a restful experience either. 

And tomorrow morning might not be much better, with dilemmas about watching the Grand Prix before I leave for the race, or having to wait until I get home to watch the recording, by which time I’ll probably know the result. Conversely, I hate being late and will only get even more nervous about rushing and finding a place to park the car if I do watch the race to the end. Oh decisions, decisions. Someone remind me, why do I do this?