Not happy

Janathon day 13

Thirteen might be unlucky for some. It certainly was unlucky for my planned run tonight. I ended up getting home late, having been to see the medical profession after work. That didn’t make me feel much better. I’ve had a stiff neck & unhappy shoulder for about a month now. Initially I thought I’d slept funny, but when it didn’t go away, I figured that t probably wasn’t as simple as that. Seems that while the problem is more in my shoulder and upper arm, the origin is in my neck. “Wear and Tear” was the verdict. Lovely. That sounds to me like old age kicking in. Humph. Not happy (1)

I did debate still going out for a urn, but it was very dark, the temperature had dropped significantly in the afternoon and it was raining with a hint of sleet, so I’m, afraid the cold and the dark put me off heading out for a run. That and the head cold that’s been on the brew all day. At the moment it’s a headache and sore throat, but it has that threatening aspect. Sounds like another cold on the way. Humph. Not happy (2).

Despite of that double humph, I didn’t just throw in the towel. Instead of curling up on the sofa with a box of chocolates and crap TV, which I was highly tempted by, I did at least do something. A good 30 minutes on the Wii was followed by the challenge exercise for the day. 115 squats, 19 pressups and 56 situps mean that I don’t feel like I’ve shirked the exercise and can report another day of Janathon done. Doesn’t mean I’m happy though. ūüė¶

Random musings on not running

Isn’t it strange, when I’m running¬†I rarely see many runners. As soon as I (reluctantly) take some time off, they’re everywhere! Taunting me, because they’re out & running while I’m not. I’ve still got this cold. I don’t feel ill, but I don’t feel 100% well either. The main symptom is just I’m really tired. But hopefully I’m doing something about that. A week off, multi-vitamins, iron pills and loads of sleep have been acquired¬†in the last few days. Even so, I’m not going to run until at least Thursday, to try and rest and get over this once and for all.

In the meantime, I’ve been collecting sponsorship for my charity efforts. Link is here:¬†¬†I’m raising money for the British Lung Foundation, because they do research into diseases of the lung, including the obscure one that my Dad died of. So far I’m approaching ¬£500 in sponsorship, which is great, especially when I’ve not been trying that¬†hard. It’s gratifying that the comments are encouraging, with the odd, “you’re mad” thrown in! I tend to think that if you’re going to collect sponsorship, then the event ought to be¬†outside your comfort zone – you need to be¬†putting some effort in to expect to raise money. And I would like to think that me running any distance, especially 26 miles, 385 yards is perceived as outside my comfort zone – because it is!

And, as a final random thought for today, I write this as my running washing blows about in the breeze on the washing line just outside the office window. Why is female running stuff quite¬†so pink?! I don’t mind pink, but it’s hardly the predominant¬†colour in my wardrobe. But my washing is currently showing as 1 pair each¬†black & blue running leggings, 1 white top, 1 purple and 2 pink. And it’s clashing really quite badly.¬†Come on, manufacturers, lady runners are not all 7 years old and obsessed with Barbie – it doesn’t all have to be in candy colours!

Here we go again

and it’s not in a good way – I’ve got a cold again. Or, possibly more accurately, I’ve got the same one back for a second dose.

2 weeks ago, I ran 20 miles and on the Monday started to feel under the weather, before coming out in a sore throat and stuffy sinus cold. urgh. Well this week I ran 20 miles and by Tuesday had pretty much the same symptom set, with a side order of a tickly cough.

So going out and running 5 miles Tuesday and 8 miles Wednesday may not have been the wisest move. I¬†was feeling under the weather, but not actually ill, hence going out and running. Coz I is hard, innit? Wednesday was actually a pretty good run. Set out with Janet and ran a 3.5 mile loop with her at a¬†good pace, ~ 11:20 pace but we conversed the way round, so it wasn’t as if either of us was flat out. I then dropped her back at work and set out for a second loop of 4.5 miles, making 8 for the day. This run should have been about hitting marathon pace, and I missed. Too fast. I’ve got to get that under control.

Facts & Figures.
Distance – 8.1 miles
Time – 1:29:03
Average pace – 10:59

It started to spit with rain as we finished the first loop, but it never really rained properly, I certainly didn’t end up wet.¬†¬†It felt OK.

It was possibly slightly stupid though. I’m still not feeling really ill, but the stuffy head aches and I am lacking in energy. Tired limbs don’t really want to carry me about so there’s been a fair amount of reclining on sofas, drinking hot drinks, snuffing a Vick-laden hanky¬†and sucking decquadins. I’ve also started taking a daily multi-vitamin and vitamin C to give myself the best possible chance of recovering and making it to the start line at Brighton. An early night and 9 hours sleep certainly helped, but rest is the order of the day. I’ve swapped the plan about a bit, such that my next 20 mile run is in 2 weekends time, giving me an extra week to get myself back to 100%.


It was pointed out to me that Sunday marked the half way point in my 20 week plan. Not the best way to mark half way, not running.

But I have moved on from where I started. I’ve run 20 miles, which is 6 further than I’d ever run before – and that brings me to within spitting distance of finishing the marathon – “only” 6 more to find from somewhere.

However, with the countdown now in single figure weeks, it’s all becoming awfully real. Such that the nerves have started to kick in. I’m not much of an optomist, I’m always preparing for what might go wrong rather than¬†expecting it all to go well. I’m prepared¬†to be¬†pleasantly surprised, but would rather be prepared. Some might say pessimist, but¬†I prefer to think of myself as a realist. I don’t think I’m going to fail in this quest to run a marathon, but there are a lot of things that are not really in my control. I am trying to mitigate against what might go wrong in the process though:

  • I’ve selected a training plan that suits me and¬†the way¬†I run
  • I’ve been following it (pretty much)
  • I’ve been practising taking on board energy and food
  • I’ve entered some long distance practise races
  • I’ve got my race shoes sorted and have an idea of race day kit
  • I’ve sorted transport there & back (booked mum’s taxi!)
  • I’ve taken advice on what to do before, during & after

But none of that can stop the awful sick feeling in the pit of my stomach from just sitting there and churning away from time to time. Any pressure I’m feeling is self inflicted¬†– everyone I’ve spoken to about has been supportive and encouraging (if a little shell-shocked at times). My family have said they’ll come and watch me; which is sweet – but has an unintended side effect of making me feel even more that¬†I can’t get this wrong – I can’t let them down too.

I suspect that the nerves will only get worse between now and then. But that’s me and I ought to be¬†used to something that I’ve had as an accompanying¬†buildup to important events my whole life. And this is important – talk about taking me outside my comfort zone! And that’s just the turning 40 thing (joke!). But, looking on the bright side, at least I’m unlikely to have to sit on stage with a bucket under my chair for this one.

9¬†weeks, 5 days¬†and counting…

A distinct lack of running

Grrrr! Typical, isn’t it?¬†I have a stonking good run and I feel really good about running and managing to complete this marathon and what happens? I get a cold.

Grrrr! Spent Monday in denial and today dosing myself with all manner of medicine from the cabinet. But to no avail – I’m far too¬†thick headed¬†and stuffy nosed to run well. And I risk making it worse and sending it onto my chest if I overdo it.

So I’m missing a few runs. Fortunately, this week was supposed¬†to be¬†a lighter week than last, meaning¬†it’s not the end of the world. This is, after all, why I put 2 extra weeks into an 18 week plan, for just this type of occurence.

Doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it though…


After Saturday’s brilliant run, it’s been a bit quiet on the running front.

I seem to always get a cold whenever¬†I have time off work. It’s as if my body saves the germs up until I relax – then it unleashes the hoard of nasty bugglies and I feel dreadful for a week. Well it’s got the timing wrong this time – I’ve had the holiday cold this week. Monday it descended, complete with headache, stuffy nose, sore throat, blocked ears and tight chest. Oh joy. That put paid to running Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, today the cold had receded. I’ve still got a dripping tap for a nose, but the other symptoms have subsided and I’m feeling better. Not 100%, but not desperately ill either. So¬†I headed out for a slow run. Not necessarily trying to run a set time, just to get out there and get everything moving. And, 5.75 miles later I’ve done that. Probably¬†just about the slowest run¬†I think I’ve done in ages and it had several walking breaks. It all hurts and there’s no way I’m back to normal, but I feel better for getting out there.¬†

I’m now hopeful that the long run this weekend will happen – although it’s going to be shifted from Sunday to Saturday. I’m not stupid enough to try the family’s patience by going out for a long run Christmas day!¬†Fingers crossed that a few missed runs at this stage will have minimal impact on a marathon that takes place in 16 weeks time…