Nearly didn’t happen

Janathon day 14

I have to say that today nearly didn’t happen. I woke up with yesterday’s threatening cold looming heavy over my head. Once I got up and moving, it wasn’t unbearable, so off to work I went. Nothing like sharing those germs. However, by the time I got home, the enthusiasm for anything had completely waned. I was cold, achy, stuffy and really rather grumpy. A snuggle under the duvet for half an hour and a hot honey and lemon restored a certain amount of energy. Not enough for a run – I’m not that much of a miracle worker. But it was enough to get me through the challenge for today. I had to break it down into smaller groups, but I did get through it. 120 squats, 20 pressups and 60 situps. Just hoping that the cold decides to bugger off pdq.

Not happy

Janathon day 13

Thirteen might be unlucky for some. It certainly was unlucky for my planned run tonight. I ended up getting home late, having been to see the medical profession after work. That didn’t make me feel much better. I’ve had a stiff neck & unhappy shoulder for about a month now. Initially I thought I’d slept funny, but when it didn’t go away, I figured that t probably wasn’t as simple as that. Seems that while the problem is more in my shoulder and upper arm, the origin is in my neck. “Wear and Tear” was the verdict. Lovely. That sounds to me like old age kicking in. Humph. Not happy (1)

I did debate still going out for a urn, but it was very dark, the temperature had dropped significantly in the afternoon and it was raining with a hint of sleet, so I’m, afraid the cold and the dark put me off heading out for a run. That and the head cold that’s been on the brew all day. At the moment it’s a headache and sore throat, but it has that threatening aspect. Sounds like another cold on the way. Humph. Not happy (2).

Despite of that double humph, I didn’t just throw in the towel. Instead of curling up on the sofa with a box of chocolates and crap TV, which I was highly tempted by, I did at least do something. A good 30 minutes on the Wii was followed by the challenge exercise for the day. 115 squats, 19 pressups and 56 situps mean that I don’t feel like I’ve shirked the exercise and can report another day of Janathon done. Doesn’t mean I’m happy though. 😦

Taking it easy

Janathon day 12

After yesterday’s run (my longest run in approaching 3 years) and Saturday’s bouncing about like a loon on the Wii, I could feel all sorts of bits of me complaining about all sorts of things. Post run it took until almost bed time before I  felt in any mood at all to do yesterday’s challenge exercises. 110 squats (they get boring after about 40) 18 pressups and 52 situps were duly accomplished before I had an early night and slept the sleep of the righteous (or the really really tired).

I could still feel all of that exercise this evening as well. My sides ache (that’ll be the hula-hooping or the trying-to-run-across-a-field-and-not-fall-over-ing). My hamstrings are moaning (but only really loudly when I sat on the table – note to self, don’t sit on tables). My upper back & neck are tight (have no idea why that should be, maybe they’re feeling left out). So it was with great delight that I saw today’s challenge amounted to 2 squats, 2 pressups and 8 situps.

Done. Smug git reporting for duty.

Some things are better left undone

Urgh. It’s not often I regret going for a run, but last night’s was one of the few.  Club night, and it was sprints when what I wanted was a nice slow ploddy run out.  I can still feel Sunday’s efforts: my left hip aches, my lower back’s complaining and my bum feels tight & achy. Paired up with Andy, who was similarly not in the mood after doing a trail race in Anglesey at the weekend. Silly boy!

3.75 miles covered in approaching an hour. Certainly not going to set the world on fire. Finished up with a quick stretch at the club, then a longer, more comprehensive set of contortions when I got home. If I’d have known, I could have gone out for just a run with Nikki, who’s still comming back slowly after an injury – ahhh, the wisdom of hindsight…

Should be 10 miles tonight, including 5 at MP. I’ll just have to play that one by feel.