About me: Initially I started this blog as a way of logging my journey to a significant milestone birthday – and the marathon I’d entered in lieu of a proper mid-life crisis. It started as a bit of a diary for me to look back on after the event, but grew into something more than that, with people choosing to read my exploits and wish me luck or commiserations along the way. Post the marathon (and the big birthday) I found I’d fallen out of love with running, the marathon experience left me with a severe fit of the blues and training for it became an allconsuming monster that sucked time and joy out of life. At first I liked not having to run, then not running became the habit. Hence running (and the blog) lapsed.

Two years later I’m horribly unfit and somewhat larger than I was, hence it’s time to stop thinking of myself as a runner (lapsed) but to get rid of the brackets; to get the running shoes back on and get out there, pounding the streets. I don’t know where this running journey will take me, but it’s unlikely to be to another marathon any time soon – the pain has not yet receded that far…

I’m still a not very interesting lady, comfortably mid forties (although I don’t always act it) with a rather large medal and a whole host of tales to tell. Join me on a journey to get fit (ish), a little bit unfat and expect me to run a bit here and there, as the mood takes me.

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