Exercise in three acts

Bit of a busy weekend, going to a family wedding in Norfolk this weekend. So that meant we had Friday off work, to pack, get sorted, pick up his mother and travel.

But I was diligent and went out for a run almost before my body had woken up on the Friday morning. In fact, I’m pretty sure that at least parts of me did remain in bed. It was just a simple out to the pylon and back, making 2.7 miles. And I didn’t try and be too ambitious, it remained a 3 minutes run 1 minute walk outing. Went OK, although it did rain just as I set foot outside the door. It’s hardly rained in ages, such that this was the first run in any precipitation in a very long time. The world had that fresh smell after rain, and it was lovely to be out.

Saturday was the wedding. All went OK. The weather let itself down slightly, and at one point there was a mad dash into the hall as it suddenly bucketed it down. Usual deal, wedding, reception and then the evening entertainment, which took the form of a barn dance. I was one of the few ladies who had clearly  thought about their footwear for the entire day, wearing my work shoes and happily dancing the night away in them. No matter how sparkly they are, a wedding dress and baseball boots is not a good look! Saw the bride & groom off, then back to the hotel. I’d been on the water all night, so I drove back, having first to adjust virtually every setting in his car. I do like causing havoc.

Sunday it was back home, drop his mother off and have a bit of a flump on the sofa. What with sleeping in a strange bed for a few nights and an enormous cooked breakfast, we didn’t do a lot until mid afternoon. When I decided that I ought to shake a leg and get out for a run. I’d decided that I wasn’t ready to try and extend the runs times from 3 minutes to 5 – not quite yet. At present, I feel that I’m stretching my fitness – it has not been my legs that have been crying enough, it’s been the breathing and heart.

Well, fatal last thoughts and all that.

I’d got out to start running again at 8 minutes gone and something sort of went “ouch”. I carried on for 30 seconds more but it wasn’t happening. Left leg, lower calf, on the inside something has gone ping. Hurts at the point in the step that you lift the heel and all the pressure is on the toes. Botheration. I think I’ve had a similar sensation before and it was the “other” muscle in the calf (not the big one, the other one – whose name I forget). It took rest and some stretches last time to get it to play ball again. So that could be what I do next.

Botheration, again, just in case you didn’t hear me first time. So it’s back to the wait and sees. Bother.

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