Back in the habit.

Sunday again. And this running lark seems to be getting to be a habit.

I’ve been watching some of the Olympics coverage. It’s that one time every 4 years when you suddenly develop an obsessive interest in some of the most obscure sports. Husband and I watched the synchronised diving and developed a real critical eye on the amount of splash and degree of synchronisation, despite the fact that I’ve never dived into a pool head first in my life, and the last time either of us stepped into a pool being sometime in the last century! That didn’t stop me clapping with delight when we won a gold medal. Then there comes the way Team GB seem to excel at certain sports. We seem to be pretty good at rowing and cycling. You spot the connection? They’re both sitting down sports. If you’re going to be good a a select set of sports, choosing those that are undertaken in a sitting position seems reasonable to me. Put it this way, sitting down for sport always seems like a pretty good plan for me.

Sunday morning saw us up and out for ringing. I’ve had a few weeks off Sunday morning ringing, for various reasons. So this was just about the first time I’ve had to work out what my Sunday ringing/running routine is going to be. Toast first, then an upper body workout and some mental exercise in the form of Stedman Cinques, Cambridge Max and Grandsire Cinques. After that, we’ve taken to heading to Costa for a coffee (decaf for me please – it does very odd things to me now. Long gone are the days I could put away an entire percolator full in a morning). So what sort of coffee do I want prior to a run? I opted for a small decaf black coffee, not wanting a large volume, not wanting loads of milk. It’s one to ponder for later. Followed by home, change and out the door.

I was having a bit of a debate about what to run. I didn’t make it out for a run on Friday (work got in the way – don’t ask, it is a very sore point!), so had only done 2 runs this week and, therefore, only 2 at the current run/walk pattern. As I headed out I was having a debate with myself about whether to run 2 minutes or 3 minutes. I got to the roundabout, and had to stand and wait for the traffic to I could cross. I ran across at a gap, and then found that had all taken me nearly 3 minutes anyway. OK, 3 minute intervals it is. And, you know what, it was OK. Although I seem to have lost the ability to do simple maths, failing dismally to work out that 16 minutes plus 3 minutes means I should have stopped running at 19 minutes, not 20 minutes. Meaning that there is an inadvertent 4 minute run in there somewhere. Oh deary deary me.

A smidge over 3 miles covered in a smidge over 40 minutes makes for a pretty good outing. It felt good enough. I have since spent the rest of the afternoon nailed to the sofa watching touring cars and, in between races, the women’s marathon. Once upon a time, I too, covered that distance. I did NOT do it in less than 2:30 and Brighton in April bears little relationship to Rio in August in terms of temperature, I assume you! I still feel cross about how I performed that day, but I still don’t feel the need to do it again… However, I am enjoying being on my feet and out in the wide world again, taking the time to run about a bit. In fact, race entry has crossed my mind…

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  1. I find running addles my brain, making maths impossible so I now use and Interval app on my phone. It takes the thinking out! I just need to react to the different alarms. Hilarious when passing dog walkers to have a fog horn sound out of my back pocket!
    Well done on your run

      • Lol! I wanted to do one before I was 50 but had a bit of a mid life crisis so it didn’t happen!! Much better to be in it for fun now😊

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