You should learn something new every day

Although I should say that this is more a list of things I need to learn to do.

Post work run again. I could run tomorrow, but as I’m going for a second appointment for root canal, it is possible that I’m not going to be in the mood. I’ve 1:45 of being upside down in a dentist’s chair to look forward to. Yippee, lucky me.

Anyway, leaving tomorrow’s worries until tomorrow, it was run day today. So I hopped in the car to come home and found the remains of a bag of Haribo Tangfastics. I adore these, so happily scoffed the whole blinking lot.

Learning point 1) don’t eat sweets when you’re going for a run later, stoopid.

Learning point 2) Don’t buy the things in the first place and you’ll not be tempted to scoff them in the first place, dopey.

The Haribo made it into the car on Monday night, when I filled up at the petrol station on my way home for work. It was late, I was tired and the sweets were on offer. I’m afraid the willpower was in short supply and so the purchase was made.

After all that, I left it an hour after I got in and headed out for the run anyway. And it was alright. No tummy trouble with the sweets was probably more than I deserved. Headed out to the pylon, as usual. On the way back I saw another runner on the other side of the road, heading towards me. He saluted, I waved like a raving lunatic.

Learning point 3) Learn to wave neatly, muppet.

I suspect he may have thought I was a complete nutter, as it was a cross between a very girly wave and a widely energetic arm movement, Not cool, missus, not cool. But, then again, he was wearing fluorescent green shorts, so we probably could call it a score draw on the lack of cool points. Maybe he didn’t think I was all that nutty, as later on he passed me again and waved at me again. I assume he’d also turned round somewhere, but was clearly going a lot faster than I was. Probably keen to get away from the lunatic, huffy, puffy woman.

The huffy puffy woman made it back home and, all in all, it was a pretty good outing. Just a few things to learn. Although maybe I’ve left it a bit late to learn how to be cool…

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