(Not) Easy like Sunday Morning

Sunday, the day of rest. Unless you happen to be me, in which case Sunday has a list of things to do. Top of the list was run.

So I ran.

I don’t always tick the jobs list off in order, but this one was the easy one to get out the way – especially as it has turned out to be a deliciously warm, sunny day. I like the heat but I do tend to turn the colour of a ripe tomato when I run – even in the depths of winter. That is best avoided, so run was done ahead of the heat of the day.

Out of bed, running togs on, out the door. Mission accomplished. Each time I have built up the running, I have a mental block about the progression  from running 1 minute to running 2 minutes. No where else in my progression of running periods do I ever double the running interval – except here. And so I headed out with my head already telling that this was going to be hard. It was a bit tough, but if it was easy, we’d all do it. After the first 5 minutes, I stopped telling myself this was going to be difficult and settled down.

I made it out to the pylon, my turn around point this far, in 18 minutes. That’s 2 minutes faster than I did on my first outing, this running lark does show small improvements quite quickly. The thing about running more is that you cover the same ground faster, so using a fixed turn point means that the running time gets shorter. In which case I decided today that I would go further and head from the pylon across the cornfield (actually on a footpath, I didn’t just head out into a field for the hell of it) and turn at the large oak that marks the field boundary. Turned round at just over 20 minutes, feeling pretty good, if truth be told. Tired, not finding it easy, but not struggling too much either.

Then I discovered that I’d been running with a tailwind. Quite a strong tail wind, as it was now like running into the teeth of a howling gale. (That might be an exaggeration, but it felt like a howling gale). How come I never spot a tailwind until I turn round? The return leg was a bit more difficult. The 2 minutes runs became more like hard work, with me looking at my watch after increasingly short time had elapsed. The 1 minute walks seemed to be shorter and shorter and I wasn’t ready to start running again. I eventually gave in and allowed myself a 2 minute walk between runs, but it was, at least, only the one extended walk.

I got back to find I’d made 3 miles for the first time and approaching 42 minutes. No, it’s not fast, but that the longest run in terms of both distance and time. And while I did, indeed, look like a ripe tomato when I got back and jumped in the shower, I felt far more energetic and pleased with my performance. Not exactly an easy sunday morning, but a productive one.

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  1. 3miles! That’s 5k! I remember how I felt when I did my first 5k, it’s great isn’t it?😊😊 well done for sticking with it and seeing results. 😊

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