Resisting the lure of the sofa

This was the first serious test of my willpower – the after work run. I find it easy to get in from work, flump down on the sofa and barely move again all evening. Very easy…

The intention was to leave work promptly (not my strong suit..), get in and get straight out to run. Would I manage all of that?

I almost managed the leave promptly; 15 minutes after my intended exit time is practically early for me. However, there had been an incident and part of my route home was blocked. A detour was 6 miles further and an hour longer than my usual trip home, such that instead of getting home at 6 ish, it was gone 7 ish. Would I have the willpower to get out? It was Tuesday night or nothing this week.

You will be pleased to know that I seem to have discovered some will power in my running shoes. Yay me!

I got in, threw some liquid down my neck was in, changed into running togs & dashed out the door. In fact this being determined to run business seems to be good for my pace, as I made it over almost the same distance and the same 1 minute run:1 minute walk as Sunday but a minute quicker. Not in any way intended, it just was.

I did get back, stretch, drink cook tea and then allowed myself a flump on the sofa in front of the TV for an hour, but that amount of flumping is clearly allowed. Feeling unduly proud of myself.

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