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Sunday morning is usually ringing, but this week we’re a bit short on numbers, so a that fabulous luxury of a Sunday morning lie in was enjoyed. The alarm clock didn’t go off until gone 8; which might not sound like a lie-in, but it is when you consider the alarm clock on Monday goes of before 6 am. Then, after he vanished off to the station, I vanished out the door for another run. The spell of warm weather is continuing, with this morning being warm and a bit overcast. There was a bit of a breeze and it was quite nice out.

Nothing especially exciting to report of the run itself. I stepped up to a 1 minute run followed by 1 minute walk. The run segments were no longer than last week, but reducing the duration of the walk breaks makes it that little bit harder overall. And so it proved. I made it on the outward leg without too much trouble, but on the return it did start to feel slightly tougher. The walk breaks slowed down a bit and it was getting harder to start each time. Not helped by a fellow runner who came past me just towards the end of a walk break looking as cool and unbothered as a pink clad cucumber. Actually just as I was considering making that walk break longer than one minute but that thought vanished and I set off again in her wake. However, I did forego the last walk break and run home from the roundabout for the last 2 minutes. It always feels good to finish strong and not crawl in to the finish.

The one thing I have managed to do is, somehow, to change something on my Garmin or the Connect page such that it is no longer showing pace as a graphic. It’s showing me elevation, which is not the most interesting statistic – apart from the slight aberration which means I seem to climb 18 meters and descend 14, all while starting and finishing in the same place. Not sure quite how that works, but hey ho. I just need to work out how to get the technology to do what I want it to and we’ll be fine.


When is a runner not a runner

So, here I am, back again. Running and blogging once more. Well, running might be stretching the definition. So far I’ve been out 3 times at a 1 minute run: 2 minutes walk pattern for about 40 minutes each time. Which is by no means fast, but it did feel good.

Well mentally it felt good. Physically I am a complete mess! Lungs burning, throat raw with breathing hard, every muscle having a shout about being overworked, some of them having a go the next day as well, just in case I;d not noticed them the day before. Having had that moan, it was good to be out on the road again.

And that brings me to the thought behind the title. I’ve not taken part in an organised event in over 4 years. I’ve not run for more than 10 minutes without taking a walk break in 18 months. But I have never stopped thinking of myself as a runner. I still have all the gear, I still have my trusty garmin and all the necessary to get that to work, I even have an unworn pair of shoes. I might not have been actively running, but my mind set was that I would run again – it was just a question of when. At the start of this year I set myself a series of incremental resolutions to sort my life out. Simple things like have breakfast, don’t skip lunch, leave the biscuits in the tin and to do some exercise. And that’s where the running comes in again. I’ve been saying to myself for the last 4 months that I would run, it was just that I always found an excuse not to do it. I was too tired, I had to work, I had eaten, etc. etc. etc. But at some point the excuses have to stop. Mine stopped last weekend – which was one of the hottest of the year. And so I am a runner again. It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t pretty, but it proved that I am a runner after all.