Nearly didn’t happen

Janathon day 14

I have to say that today nearly didn’t happen. I woke up with yesterday’s threatening cold looming heavy over my head. Once I got up and moving, it wasn’t unbearable, so off to work I went. Nothing like sharing those germs. However, by the time I got home, the enthusiasm for anything had completely waned. I was cold, achy, stuffy and really rather grumpy. A snuggle under the duvet for half an hour and a hot honey and lemon restored a certain amount of energy. Not enough for a run – I’m not that much of a miracle worker. But it was enough to get me through the challenge for today. I had to break it down into smaller groups, but I did get through it. 120 squats, 20 pressups and 60 situps. Just hoping that the cold decides to bugger off pdq.

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