Taking it easy

Janathon day 12

After yesterday’s run (my longest run in approaching 3 years) and Saturday’s bouncing about like a loon on the Wii, I could feel all sorts of bits of me complaining about all sorts of things. Post run it took until almost bed time before I  felt in any mood at all to do yesterday’s challenge exercises. 110 squats (they get boring after about 40) 18 pressups and 52 situps were duly accomplished before I had an early night and slept the sleep of the righteous (or the really really tired).

I could still feel all of that exercise this evening as well. My sides ache (that’ll be the hula-hooping or the trying-to-run-across-a-field-and-not-fall-over-ing). My hamstrings are moaning (but only really loudly when I sat on the table – note to self, don’t sit on tables). My upper back & neck are tight (have no idea why that should be, maybe they’re feeling left out). So it was with great delight that I saw today’s challenge amounted to 2 squats, 2 pressups and 8 situps.

Done. Smug git reporting for duty.

2 responses

    • They’re not! The first few have a certain novelty value, but that wears off pretty quickly (after about 5 in my opinion). Up to 40 are just dull, any there after are positively boring. 🙂

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