Where’s my lie in?

Saturday morning and it’s decision time. Do you 1) have a lie in or 2) get horribly disturbed by the husband getting up such that you’re too wide awake to go back to sleep? I had intended to regress to my teenage years and try option one until about 10 am, but instead option 2 occurred at 8am. Which I suppose you could argue is a lie-in, seeing the alarm usually beeps to life at just before 6 am. But I think I could have managed to laze around in my stinking pit for a few hours more. Seeing I was awake, it was on with the togs and out for yet another attempt at this exercising lark.

In contrast to the run earlier in the week, this morning it was easier to view September as early autumn, rather than late summer. There was a misty haze, a nip in the air and a heavy dew had fallen. I can hardly claim it was cold, but I was a bit cool in a short-sleeved short for the first couple of minutes. The dew showed up the myriad of spider’s webs that draped the hedgerow in glistening art works. The most impressive were those in the cow parsley. This has long since finished flowering and set seed, so that the stalks are now dry and bare, so the sparkly webs showed up in contrast to them. There were obviously a number of spider schools of though as to how best to place the web. In some cases, the webs were free-form structures, filling in the spaces in the flower heads; in others they were bold classical web designs between the different stalks. Either way, they were all showing up boldly in the misty morning light. If I had any eye for artistic detail there were a load of really striking images that could be captured.

Other things our and about this morning included other people, which wasn’t an observation made last week, when I left the house at about 7 on a Saturday morning! Several cyclists, all of them in pairs (is that rule? I’m not familiar enough with the rules of the bicycling fraternity to know) and 2 other runners. One of whom was running on the wrong side of the road, but that was approaching the end of my outing and I really didn’t have the energy to spare to explain to her that on a road with no footpath she should be facing oncoming traffic.

And so the run itself, well that went OK. As I set off I couldn’t remember what timings I was supposed to be doing, so did 2 minutes for the first run section; then I worked out I should be on 1 minute run, 1 minute walk, so reverted to that. 2.7 miles in a smidgeon over 37 minutes is yet another improvement on previous sessions. I know there will come a time when I won’t improve on consecutive runs, but for now I’ll take that. Average pace dropped below 14 minutes for the first time, as well. The thing I have to stop thinking about when I’m out there is how much further and faster I used to be able to run. I know I used to cover the distance from the pylon home in ~ 15 minutes, not the 18 or so it’s currently taking – and that used to be with 10 mile already in the legs. The thing I have to try and concentrate on is that it will come back and I will get better – again. It will take a bit of time to get the fitness back, but I’m determined it will come back, and I will loose the excess flab that currently hangs about, and the spare bust I seem to have developed. Not sure how a cup of coffee and piece of flapjack I had for breakfast while shopping in town is supposed to help that aim, but it was a very good piece of flapjack and I can’t be good all the time (my excuse & I’m sticking to it).

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  1. As an ex-half marathon runner on my way back from ankle reconstruction surgery this struck such a chord with me. I assume you’re C25K running or similar? It’s very strange to be so slow I’m finding. I did parkrun earlier in the Summer and was 13 MINUTES slower than my PB and it’s very hard to accept. Still, onwards and upwards I suppose. Good luck with the programme.

    • It is odd looking at the time and knowing that I used to be faster (this is a relative term, I was never a speedy whippet). Seems my mind thinks I can pick up from where I left of, while my body is having none of it. I’m picking back up again based on a c25k plan, using run/walk and gradually increasing the running segments. Good luck with your recovery after surgery.

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