Ole ole ole ole

It’s been a gorgeous day here in the shire. Started early with a spot of ringing before I ran (part way) home. The husband dropped me off in the usual place and I set off with no particular distance or time in mind. I had checked that the route had dried out – last week we’d driven past and the entire nature reserve was under rather more water than usual, with just the trees showing above the surface. You could see evidence of this, in places the path had been disturbed somewhat, in others there was the flotsam & jetsam indicating a tide line.  The water had receded, but there was still more of it about than usual.

The first 2 miles ended up being speedier than intended – at ~ 10:20 min/miles. For the longest run since M-day, I thought that might be a little too speedy, so eased off after 2 miles to something nearer 11s. After the topsy-turvey weather we’ve had recently, it was a really lovely day out, although I could complain it made running rather hot work. For someone who is always at least one jumper colder than the rest of the world, I seem to overheat when running really quite quickly. No autumn marathons for me – I’d never manage the training through the summer! But the niceness had brought people out of the woodwork, saw far more than the usual number of runners (including some runners who weren’t when I saw them), plus walkers  and cyclists out and about.

I got back towards town with almost 6 miles on the watch, and decided that would be a reasonable run, so took the shortest (but steepest) route back home. 6.6 miles in 1:16 seems entirely reasonable. Need to get back into the habit of making the Sunday run at least 10, but it’ll come.

The shower and lunch before sitting down to watch the Spanish Grand prix (see, now the title makes some sense!). I do like my F1, and have been watching it for a rather long time now. And so to see Williams win a race after a long spell in the midfield (and lower) was just brilliant. I’m not in any way, shape or form (that’s mild understatement) a Ferrari fan, so was willing Alonso to fall off and let Maldonado alone. In fact even my Ferrari fan of a husband (yes, I did know that before I married him) thought it the right result. So good to see Frank Williams there to see the team back on top the podium. Never, to my recollection, have I heard the Venezuelan national anthem before, but good on F1 for having both the flag and the tune available. Excellent result and that makes 5 different winners and 5 different cars have won the first 5 races – shaping up for an exciting season.

A good day all round, and it’ll be topped off with a joint of beef (in the oven ) and maybe a bottle of something nice. Sundays should all be like this.

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    • Some days are just lovely and life affirming. And at least I didn’t get wet feet (for once)
      Congratulations on the first double figure run – many more of them to come…

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