You can leave your hat on

There are good runs, there are bad runs and you don’t always know which it’s going to be. Today doesn’t go down as a good one. Maybe I’ve still got Ashby in the legs, but the body didn’t want to co-operate at all today.

Missed a run Tuesday, just too much on and I was just too tired by the time I thought about a run. So today it was out for a tempo run. Only it didn’t quite work. Set off and managed to forget my hat! I can’t remember the last time I ran without a hat, but I always go out in either a cap or my beanie – felt quite undressed! Started to run and it was all feeling quite hard work. The garmin claimed I was toddling along at the fast end of easy pace, which was as it should be, but it didn’t feel easy. The legs were complaining, particularly in the outside of the calves, the stomach felt really heavy and slightly sick while I was just struggling to breathe easily. Not sure what it was exactly, but I just couldn’t find that sweet spot.

Got to the pylon and changed the pace, picking it up to around 10 min/miles. And I managed this for approaching 2 miles until the body finally over-ruled the will and I slowed right down again. Maintained a slow plod, with a few short walk breaks, until I got home.

Facts & Figures:
Distance – 5.4 miles
Time – 1:01:14
Average Pace – 11:20 min/miles 

Time was I’d have been thrilled to have managed 5 miles in under an hour, or 2 miles at sub 10 min pace, but that was then and now I expect more. This was obviously one of those bad runs and I’ll just have to move on. Not sure I can entirely blame forgetting my hat, but I will be properly dressed next time I set out.

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  1. Yup – quite agree – some days are good days, some days are bad days – sometimes you think a day will be good and it goes bad, sometimes you think it will be bad and it turns out good.

    I always figure that as long as I hauled my corpse out there and had a pop, it’s a thumbs up regardless of whether it feels ace.

    • Oh yes, getting out is still a thousand times better than slouching on the couch. Just move on and don’t let the occasional bad run mess with your head. I’ve got a no-pressure longer run tonight – hopefully that one will go a bit better.

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