Here we go again

and it’s not in a good way – I’ve got a cold again. Or, possibly more accurately, I’ve got the same one back for a second dose.

2 weeks ago, I ran 20 miles and on the Monday started to feel under the weather, before coming out in a sore throat and stuffy sinus cold. urgh. Well this week I ran 20 miles and by Tuesday had pretty much the same symptom set, with a side order of a tickly cough.

So going out and running 5 miles Tuesday and 8 miles Wednesday may not have been the wisest move. I was feeling under the weather, but not actually ill, hence going out and running. Coz I is hard, innit? Wednesday was actually a pretty good run. Set out with Janet and ran a 3.5 mile loop with her at a good pace, ~ 11:20 pace but we conversed the way round, so it wasn’t as if either of us was flat out. I then dropped her back at work and set out for a second loop of 4.5 miles, making 8 for the day. This run should have been about hitting marathon pace, and I missed. Too fast. I’ve got to get that under control.

Facts & Figures.
Distance – 8.1 miles
Time – 1:29:03
Average pace – 10:59

It started to spit with rain as we finished the first loop, but it never really rained properly, I certainly didn’t end up wet.  It felt OK.

It was possibly slightly stupid though. I’m still not feeling really ill, but the stuffy head aches and I am lacking in energy. Tired limbs don’t really want to carry me about so there’s been a fair amount of reclining on sofas, drinking hot drinks, snuffing a Vick-laden hanky and sucking decquadins. I’ve also started taking a daily multi-vitamin and vitamin C to give myself the best possible chance of recovering and making it to the start line at Brighton. An early night and 9 hours sleep certainly helped, but rest is the order of the day. I’ve swapped the plan about a bit, such that my next 20 mile run is in 2 weekends time, giving me an extra week to get myself back to 100%.

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