The weather outside is frightful

and the duvet was so delightful that I nearly didn’t get up and go for a run this morning. Actually, once outside, it was gorgeous – blue skies, crisp frosty morning – simply lovely to look at. It was the temperature that was less than pleasant at minus 6 as I set off.

So what to wear? Well I opted for my long running tights, but put on a pair of thick winter tights underneath and wore 2 long-sleeved tops sandwiching a short-sleeved one. Plus hat & gloves. Lots of layers being the order of the day – thin layers trap air making them warmer than one thick layer. And, once I’d got going, that was about right.

What with the cold I’ve had, this was my first run in a week. I’ve had one of those colds where I’ve not had any symptoms below the nose, but from there up it has been stuffed solid with treacle – offer me a drill and I think I’d have done the deed myself. But it started to shift on Thursday and might not be pretty, but clearing it has felt loads better. There’s also nothing quite like a run to clear gunge from your head – as evidenced by the tissues I set off with not having the consistency of paper tissue by the time I returned.

Not a tough run, but I didn’t want to overdo it first run out. Just one of the occasional ladies runs with the club, which finish with coffee & cake – all very sociable.

Distance – 4.75 miles
Time – 55:05
Average pace – 11:40

Then we plonked ourselves on the squishy sofas and my hazelnut latte arrived with no difficulty. The trick for making sure you get your drink when in a group is to order something unique, then there’s only one of them and yours always arrives – try it, guarantee it works! Oh, and I quite like the combination of coffee & nut, even if it does sound like a bit of a fussy thing to order. After a good chat, we headed off and I returned to a bath and a nice soak to warm up the cold bits. A good outing for the first run in a week.

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