It starts getting real now!

In 20 weeks time, I will have (hopefully) just about finished the Brighton marathon, and training starts tomorrow. I like plans, and I’m happy with this one. I think it suits me. A lot of beginner’s plans start with very low mileage for the longest run, then have to ramp the distance quite quickly to give enough mileage towards the end. Those intended for runners after a time (sub 4, for example) have lots of strict pace based session, intervals and the like. Not only am I not at that pace, I know that I would almost certainly not run sessions like this very well on my own. So I’ve opted for the plan put together by Shades, on the Runner’s World Forum. It’s 4 runs a week, which are all at an easy or tempo pace, with a mid-week run that starts to include work at marathon pace. Long run starts at 10 miles, which is where I’m already comfortable, and it ramps up to 5 runs over 20 miles. I think it will suit me, and it is certainly tried and tested.

But that starts Monday, what about today? Well today was just an easy run out. “Just” 9.5 miles. OK, I know that’s not actually very far, when you look at a plan that runs up to 22 mile long runs, but I’m struck by the way that 10 ish miles is now seeming routine. This time last year I had run 10 miles a few times, but had usually spent the rest of the afternoon asleep as a reaction. Today I’ve got back, had lunch and am about to start being domestic. Ironing in front of the Grand prix later. Today I feel like I’ve run, but not actually all that far. In fact, I feel grand!

Facts & Figures
Distance – 9.5 miles
Time – 1:55:04
Average Pace – 12:07 min/miles

It was lovely out there today. After a few weeks, it was the usual sunday routine; porridge for breakfast, coffee & squash, then off to ringing. On the way home, Hubby then drops me off at the local nature reserve and goes home in the car, while I run home. Means I get to run A-B, rather than in loops, which is always more interesting. Today I set off going away from home, as I wanted to see what the path was like from the previous location he could drop me. Seemed perfectly run-able, and I think I know where he’d need to drive to and how to get back to the road, so we might try it next week.

Back to today, blue skies but a breeze. Quite warm out of the breeze, but certainly chilly in it. It was strong enough to ruffle the lakes at the nature reserve into white-capped wavelets. Mostly a cross wind, so not dreadful. Being an old railway track, the route is partly in cuttings, so it was very nice then, in the sun & out of the wind. However on the more exposed spots it was clear that wind had been strong, loads of leaves, twigs and even small branches on the ground.

The world and his wife appeared to be out today! Can’t remember seeing so many people out running. Due to the way I went down then back up, I seemed to see a lot of them twice. Lots of cheery greetings. What a lovely way to spend the morning.

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    • Thanks Rob!. That’s sort of what this blog is for – so that WHEN I finish, I can look back and see the journey as well as the result. I do like following a plan – saves having to think too much about each session – I just do what the plan says.

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