Good Morning!

Wow, what a good morning that was! Not the weather – that’s as grey and miserable as you’d expect a work-free saturday to be. Why is it the sunny days are always while you’re at work?!

First things first, I was up at sparrow’s fart to watch the England rugby match. And boy! was that worth getting up for.  A number of tries (not giving away the score) made it productive as well as eventful viewing.  If we’re honest, Romania weren’t playing their strongest side and England were expected to run up a 50+ score, but it was worth watching, nonetheless. Good game, easy on the eye and breakfast went down nicely.

So it was with happy heart that I headed out for a ladies’ club run. We meet up locally, do a nice 5 mile loop and then finish with coffee and cake (although some of us were moderately good and passed on the cake). My aim was to start getting used to running on consecutive days, as I’m going to have to up the running to 4 times a week for the marathon training plan. So not planning on a particularly fast run. But I seem to find there’s something about running with people better than me that makes me go faster. It didn’t feel massively speedy, but we were motoring along, looping back regularly to pick up the slower ones. All very friendly, chatting to people in other groups who I don’t usually run with. OK, I admit, they chat; I sort of gasp agreement occasionally!

It’s interesting seeing the way that the faster runners actually run. Not something I get the chance to do very often – at the club we’re in different groups and don’t cross too often, at a race they’re up the front and I’m, well, not. They’re possibly taking it a bit easy, due to the company, but they look just so relaxed! There’s hardly any extraneous movement, minimal arm action, hardly any head bobbing and the upper body doesn’t shift about – no rocking and rolling here. And you just don’t hear them coming up behind you! No earthquakes as each foot hits the floor and no huffypuffy noises. It’s really very lovely to watch – and puts my style (best described as something crossed between an elephant, the twist and a steam train) to shame. There’s a knack to it, I’m sure – just need to unlock that secret…

Distance – 5.12 miles
Time – 53:30
Average pace – 10:26

That’s pretty impressive! It didn’t feel that fast. That’s on track to easily crack my 10k PB pace, and I wasn’t desperately exhausted at the end either. Then there’s an interesting view of us all stood by some railings stretching out, which must look rather odd to any passers by, before heading into the coffee shop and a sit down & chat. I do tend to have sufficient breath to contribute at this stage! Gingerbread latte for me, which was yum, but no cake. Partly as I’m still trying to shift some of that excess weight, and partly due to a slight lack of cash – the funds would stretch to coffee OR cake – so coffee it was.  

Excellent morning all round.

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